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Mercedes A45 Amg 2020 Reviews - Know What You Are Getting Into

Photo by Annabel_P on Pixabay

Despite its age, the current A-Class hatchback is quite an improvement over its predecessor. The new model has received a more aggressive styling and more features than before. In fact, it seems like the A-Class is starting to grow up and no longer just a budget entry-level car for younger buyers. It will now be seen as something more appealing to slightly older buyers who want to get into a higher-end model but can’t afford one yet. The Mercedes A45 AMG 2020 will take on this challenge head on with two high performance variants that are specific to the SUV - the standard A45 AMG Coupe and the standard A45 AMG Cabriolet. The 2020 Mercedes A Class will start arriving in showrooms by 2021 and early models have already started arriving ahead of that time frame. The first models should be arriving shortly before or around the end of this year, but we don't know exactly when they'll become available so you might have to wait until then before you can drive it home as it is sold by dealerships instead of being made available to order online.

New Mercedes A45 AMG 2020 Reviews - New Mercedes A45 AMG

No matter how much care and attention automakers put into the design and engineering of their latest models, it’s impossible to escape the fact that the cars look dated before they even reach the showrooms. New-car models are usually released a few years after their predecessor, which means that both the current car and its successors need to be redesigned simultaneously to keep up with changing tastes and new technology. The latest Mercedes A-Class is the fifth generation to be produced, and it has been redesigned to give it an even more modern look. The new A45 AMG will be the first Mercedes model to be built on the new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). This new platform will be used for a number of future Mercedes models, so there’s a good chance that the updated A-Class will be the last to be built on the current E-Class platform. It’ll also be one of the first to feature the new CMA architecture from 2020.

Expected Changes for the New Mercedes A45 AMG 2020

- More aggressive styling - New engine options - New AMG performance models - New autonomous driving features - New safety tech - New colors and trim colors - New design features

What’s New For the Mercedes A45 AMG 2020?

- AMG performance models - New autonomous driving features - New design features - New colors and trim colors - New engines - New interior features - New features - New exterior features - New tech features - New safety features - New WLTP fuel economy ratings - Car-to-X features - Final Words: Should You Upgrade to a New 2020 Mercedes A Class?